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Our Difference

Magma Capital Advisory is a trusted name in debt capital, risk management, and treasury solutions. We have experience across a diverse range of industry sectors including public and private companies, as well as government and quasi-government entities.

Our values serve as the foundations for our business. Working with Magma Capital Advisory you will receive independent advice with the upmost integrity, trust and professionalism.

You can expect:  
  • Superior outcomes
  • Hands-on expertise in all facets of treasury and risk management
  • Our ability to understand your position
  • Our holistic view of debt provides us with a diverse access to wider sources of funding options
  • Total alignment with our clients' objectives
  • A flexible cost-efficient model of engagement
  • Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holder


Undertaking any refinancing takes up valuable and scarce executive time. While Magma Capital can project manage the entire refinancing process we recommend that our clients are involved in any financier discussions in order to foster good long term relationships. Our aim is to add value by providing advice and direction rather than interposing ourselves between the client and its financiers and seeking to control information flow.


Magma Capital strives to deliver the best outcomes for our clients on a medium to longer term view. Our inclusive and open negotiating approach maximises competitive tension whilst maintaining key financier relationships. Over time this approach has been proven to deliver greater returns for the client versus purely seeking quick short-term wins.


Magma Capital team are specialists in debt advisory, with expertise in all facets of debt markets. Magma Capital can provide its expertise and understanding to other value adding areas, such as Interest Rate and FX Hedging, Review of Transactional Banking arrangements, treasury policy and process improvements and expertise around exploring alternative markets for debt.

Best in

Magma Capital team comprises market specialists each having in excess of 25 years' personal experience in financial markets. Thus we can provide key insights and expertise in arranging and executing debt financings. We have the expertise, experience and relationships necessary to provide insights and advice on the nuances of debt financier decision making.


No two assignments are the same and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit a particular client's needs and budget. Moreover, given our company structure, we believe that we are able to offer a flexible and cost-effective value proposition.


As opposed to a one-man team or the "partner + junior staff" model of other advisors, Magma Capital comprises a team of debt specialists, all with strong credit backgrounds. On all engagements Magma Capital leverages our diverse experiences and expertise by accessing this pool of resources to deliver our clients the best possible outcome.


Magma Capital's advice is untainted by other conflicting motivations. Some aligned advisors may be inclined to mislead you if there are kickbacks, trails or other product mandates at stake.


Any information shared with Magma Capital remains in-confidence and does not leak over Chinese Walls to product areas or more importantly credit departments.

To enquire about Magma Capital Advisory services please call us on +61 2 9241 2376 or contact us here today.